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Moorer jeans 430-01196
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The path taken over the years is the synthesis of stories, experiences, and feelings that have helped to translate simple thoughts into ideas and such ideas into a finished product. Art as a reference, always being a guide and an inspiration of a greater vision, has contributed to an increasingly mature stylistic phase and the conception of a thought that is balance, the need for simplicity and search for the essential detail. Art, as source of inspiration in the search of beauty and harmony of shapes, in order to give life to creations capable of exciting, only as great works of art can do. A vivid curiosity put at the service of every day’s work. A project unrelated to the hottest trends. A style ever-evolving from a timeless idea. The creative process of choosing materials, accessories and manufacturing as well: moments linked by a simple balance, therefore clean and elegant. As a work of art is a mirror of the artist’s mind, a journey undertaken with passion, a portrait of the person who has undertaken it and is still undertaking it.