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Introducing VALENZA, where timeless elegance meets contemporary style. Founded by Italian fashion maestro Giuseppe Valenza, VALENZA embodies a fusion of Italian craftsmanship and Dutch innovation. Giuseppe's journey began in Milano, crafting collections for PRADA's prestigious menswear line. However, love knows no bounds, and he followed his heart to the Netherlands for his Dutch wife. There, he flourished as a Product and Collection Director for various menswear brands.


Now, VALENZA emerges as the epitome of his creative evolution. Each piece tells a story of heritage and passion, blending Milanese sophistication with Amsterdam's progressive spirit. From impeccably tailored shirts to effortlessly chic casualwear, VALENZA celebrates the modern man with confidence and style. With Giuseppe's expertise steering the helm, VALENZA promises a future where craftsmanship meets innovation, inviting men to embrace their individuality with grace.


Welcome to the world of VALENZA, where the journey of style knows no boundaries.