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Posa is an Amsterdam-based fashion house created in 2020. Posa focuses on timelessness but simultaneously contemporary menswear. Trough our founder and creative director's interest in sartorial fashion, the film industry and photography we want to create a modern designer clothing collection for all people to flourish.


Our mission at Posa is to create a contemporary clothing line where the emphasis lies on fashionable comfort. It serves the current need to be adjustable. Working at home, the office or elsewhere without having to constantly change your outfit. We at Posa think modern tailoring is the way to go which is: "relaxed yet refined and perfect all day, every day. We call it the "Posa fit"


Our collections will have a signature design and attention to detail, with an emphasis on modern tailoring, the best fabrics, style, comfort and sustainability. The collection at the moment will cover only men’s footwear but will expand in the near future to a full garment collection and accessories.