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ANGE was founded by three friends who were born in 1993. They all shared a love for the way icons looked, the way music sounded, and the way films felt in the 90s. Even though they were born in the 90s, they were too young to experience it. ANGE is their way of reliving that time in a modern jacket, flavored by them. ANGE is a brand that creates timeless pieces that are simplistic with an element of “child-like” illustrations. Sports will always be a subtle part of the garments or campaigns. Two of the founders played sports on a professional level, so this will forever be a part of the brand’s roots. The child-like illustrations is ANGE referring back to the 90s when the founders were still kids. Kids have an unrealistic belief in who they can become and what they can do. ANGE is keeping that belief as an adult to achieve the so-called unachievable.